Visiting the Top of Monumen Nasional

Yesterday my sister in law and her husband arrived in Jakarta. They just came back from Bali for training and decided to stay in Jakarta for 2 days before going back to their home town, Bukit Tinggi. This is the first time she’s visiting Jakarta so we’re thinking to take her to Jakarta’s Icon – no, not the shopping mall :p – the one and only Monumen Nasional (Monas).

monas from wikipedia

Plus, my mom is here as well and she has always wanted to go up to the top of the Monument. Last time we went there in 2012, the queue is too long and we didn’t manage to go up. So today we depart a bit early to avoid long queue.

We arrived there around 10 am and yet the queue at the ticket box is pretty crowded already and the queue on the entry point to the elevator is even more packed! (-_-)’

Luckily, at the end we’re able to go to the Top 🙂

Some highlights:

  • The ticketing is now using JakCard issued by Bank DKI which can be bought at the ticket box at Rp30,000 (card price of Rp10,000 + deposit of Rp20,000). The ticket price per pax is Rp5,000 for entering the goblet plus another Rp10,000 if you want to go up to the top of Monas. 1 card can be used for 1 group of people, we just need to top up the deposit at the ticket box. The thing is, we actually already HAVE this JakCard thing, but we left it in the car because we didn’t know about this new ticketing system. We knew it only after we approaching the ticket box, zzzz. If only they announce it in the parking lot area, we would bring our own card and save 20 minutes queuing at the ticket box.
  • It took us 2 hours queuing for the elevator to take us up! Yes, you read it right: TWO HOURS!! And it’s pretty tough because Bum refused to queue by himself so Beni and I have to take turn carrying him all the time 😦 At the 1st one hour I almost gave up because I’m tired and hungry (it’s lunch time already, people!). But luckily I have a strong-willed mom and in laws, so we didn’t give up and holding on for the next one hour. Another plus side is that the queue is quite orderly, no drama of people cutting the queue, which makes the 2 hours felt bearable.
  • The bottleneck is the small capacity of the elevator, only for 10 people per trip! But there’s nothing we can do about it, right? Because it’s impossible to enlarge the hollow of Monas in order to expand the elevator. But I think we can do something for the long queue. Something like online reservation to go up, or setting a specific time to go up at the ticket box so that people can do something else other than wasting 2 hours queuing.
  • DO bring some snacks and water while queuing!
  • The top of Monas is a bit small, outdated and very windy! You can see 360 degree view of Jakarta, which is pretty good, but not so spectacular, I would say.

So, one bucket list checked, but will I visit Monas again? Yes, but maybe during the night time because the view up there would look more awesome, I think, and when Bum is done with this refuse-to-walk phase 😀


book: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*spoiler alert*

Another Dan Brown‘s masterpiece!

A mixture of art, history and science, this book will take us roaming around the historical sites in Florence, Venice and Turkey. The big theme this time is Dante Alighieri and his legendary masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, particularly Inferno, combined with the Black Death tragedy and the problem of overpopulation.

As in another Brown’s book, the first chapter gave us death. And it’s rather unusual since the dead person is the main antagonist, which, you can guess, left an interlocking puzzle to be solved by the one and only Robert Langdon. The story is thrilling with surprising twists here and there and at some point make you questioning what is the truth and what is not.

The ending is calming though, left us somehow admiration and respect of the main antagonist and the sense that morality is, at the end, subjective.

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all hail to caroline hirons,,

Who is Caroline Hirons?

Caroline Hirons is a professional that has been working in the beauty industry for years. She’s now working as a Consultant to brands in Beauty Industry and has been blogging for 5 years.

How do I find her blog?

By reading Leija’s post about Puche who is referring to Caroline Hirons as her beauty guru 😀 (some steps, I know. But when I see Puche’s flawless skin, I IMMEDIATELY click on Caroline Hirons’ link and spend  like an hour to read her posts. Me want the secret magic too! ^^ )

What do I like about her blog posts?

1. I’ve found a lot of bloggers who write reviews about some skincare/make up products only based on their experience, not their knowledge. Caroline has been working in the beauty industry for 18 years so she KNOWS what she’s talking about. No doubt on that! 

2. She educate people to read the label and understand the ingredients of a product. Each ingredients works differently thus create different results. It’s important to know our skin condition and choose the right product with right ingredients.

3. She’s logic, honest and witty. Nuff said!

New knowledges I get from reading her blog:

1. She advised us to apply the cleanser to DRY skin (as a facialist would do to our face) and to avoid any kind of “foaming” cleanser. This is a bit surprising since most of the cleanser on the shelves featured this “foaming” thing.

2. I found out the important role of an Exfoliator. We are so familiarize with the term toner, and use it as our last part in the cleansing step. An exfoliator do more than that. It’s main purpose is not for cleansing but for lifting out the dead cells gently and to lower the pH level after cleansing.

3. Put the eye cream first, even before serum! Odd advice since almost all articles on Beauty Routines and even the label of eye cream products told us to put the eye cream last, after moisturizer. Her reasoning is very logic, though: “No matter how careful you apply your serums/moisturisers you will always get some in the eye area and then your eye cream won’t absorb where you want it to. Pointless.” Well said, mrs. Hirons.

4. Sugar destroys the collagen (T_T) I’m always been a sweet tooth, so this fact broke my heart. *wave good bye to all cakes, pudding and ice creams *cry

And why do I share this with you?

Several months before I reach the mystical Three-Zero-Age, I reads lots of blogs related with skincare products and routines. Why? Because, as everybody knows, as we get older our skin gets older too. And I realized that my skin deserved some attentions. No, a LOT of attentions! (go wrinkle, go away!!)

It’s bit too late, though. I wish I knew all of these stuff when I’m in my 20s (regretting all years spent in sunny Balikpapan without sunscreen and proper cleansing -_-” )  

So, if you’re still on your 20s, put some attentions on your skin, please, and don’t forget to use sun block when you are in out door area. If you’re in your 30s, just like me, lets try our best to hinder those dark spots and wrinkles away.

You, and your skin, deserved better 🙂