my 27 years old self would like to say ,,

thank you to all of my friends who’ve helped me reach the target of donation for room to read. from the targeted USD 400, we managed to collect USD 487.59! may God bless you all, friends 🙂

the night before my birthday last week, i lay on my bed. thinking. 27 years! it’s a long time, isn’t it? i’m not gonna say that i’m old now. older yes, but not old.

but still, i couldn’t help myself from thinking, what have i achieved in my 27 years life? have i done enough good deeds for myself and for others? but the answer is of course no, or not yet to be precised. there will be no word enough for doing good things, indeed.

i’m glad that i decided to give up my birthday for collecting donation for room to read program. giving is truly one of the best present you can give to your heart. and one day in the future when i rethinking again about my life, i can say proudly to myself that yes, i’ve done some good deeds in the past and i will keep doing some more! i do hope this kind of giving project can enlighten your heart as it does to mine.

with love,

27 years old me

ps: to see the donation page, please go to


15 days to go,,

so, so ,so, so,,,

we are THIS close to reach the 2nd target of USD 400 😀

for you who just read this blog, some info regarding this program: i decided to give up my birthday to collect donation for, especially for their girl education program. every USD 250 collected can support a long term education for 1 girl in developing country in Asia or Africa. the target is to reach USD 400 donation before my birthday. if we succeeded, i will donate another USD 100 from my own pocket.

still 15 days to go, hopefully we can set a higher target before 31st March 2012 *greedy 😀

20 days to go,,

and the target is achieved!!

i’m so blessed having generous friends surround me. alhamdulillah 🙂

as promised, i will donate USD 100 to Indonesia Menyala (i’m still waiting for their confirmation regarding the bank’s branch).

let’s see whether we can reach the next target, USD 400.

ganbatte!!!! 😀