20 days to go,,

and the target is achieved!! i’m so blessed having generous friends surround me. alhamdulillah 🙂 as promised, i will donate USD 100 to Indonesia Menyala (i’m still waiting for their confirmation regarding the bank’s branch). let’s see whether we can reach the next target, USD 400. ganbatte!!!! 😀

meet suma,,

suma was born in Nepal and she is the only girl of four children to illiterate parents in Nepal’s Bardiya District. at age six she was sent to work in another family’s home. after six years endure labor and abuse in three different homes, suma finally returned home at the age of 12. despite her… Continue reading meet suma,,

i pray,,

i pray that the heat between Iran and US will not lead to any kind of war. the world has already suffered enough from the past wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and not to forget the civil war and famine in Africa. can’t we just work together to make this world a better place instead of… Continue reading i pray,,