the absolute value of mike,,

Trust me, even though the cover of this book looks cute and funny, i ended up crying after reading it. The words used in this book seem so simple, but the story is very deep. The characters are unique and i laugh most of the time reading the way they behave.

The story of Mike, the main character, finding his own true passion and the courage to talk to his father about it is quite inspiring because most of us, i think, sometimes trapped in a negative or not-so-good label given by other people, or even by ourselves. However, we do have power to change that label and make the most of our lives.

Another thing is about parents. Since we were kids, we look up to our parents. They were always there, took care of us and we unconciusly think that they are superhumans. And we began to expect things from them. However, as we grow older, we begin to see that sometimes they failed to meet those expectations and we started to let those misunderstandings grow inside our minds. But hey, remember this, they are NOT superhumans! They are normal human, with limitation, just like us. And since they’re always tried their whole life to understand us and accept us, i think it’s the time for us to do the same,,

Book Review: Shopaholic to the Stars and to the Rescue

*spoiler alert*

shopaholic to the star

Becky is baaaack!! After a long hiatus since Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella give us not only one, but two sequel books of the famous Shopaholic series: Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue. And as usual, the books are hilariously fun!!

In the first book, Becky take us to Hollywood where he and Luke (and cutest Minnie!!) have just moved in. Being so close with the celebrity world, Becky of course wanted to take a sip and be on the spotlight. However, things are getting out of control as she was dragged into this celebrity drama.

And not only that, there’s a bigger issue with her family too. Yes, if in the previous books the family problem is usually come from Luke’s side, now it’s from Becky’s side. Her father, lovable Mr. Bloomwood, apparently have some interesting past that he’s trying to hide until today. And he’s gone to Vegas to have it fixed.

And so in the second book we will follow Becky and the gang to look for her father to get the truth and to help him fulfill his mission. Together they tackle down a billionaire in order to give justice to one of Mr. Bloomwood’s friend. Sound so serious, but Sophie managed to elaborate it in a fun and full of surprise way!

PS: Alicia Bitch-Long-Legged is back as well. Beware!! 😀



book: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*spoiler alert*

Another Dan Brown‘s masterpiece!

A mixture of art, history and science, this book will take us roaming around the historical sites in Florence, Venice and Turkey. The big theme this time is Dante Alighieri and his legendary masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, particularly Inferno, combined with the Black Death tragedy and the problem of overpopulation.

As in another Brown’s book, the first chapter gave us death. And it’s rather unusual since the dead person is the main antagonist, which, you can guess, left an interlocking puzzle to be solved by the one and only Robert Langdon. The story is thrilling with surprising twists here and there and at some point make you questioning what is the truth and what is not.

The ending is calming though, left us somehow admiration and respect of the main antagonist and the sense that morality is, at the end, subjective.

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