Book Review: Shopaholic to the Stars and to the Rescue

*spoiler alert*

shopaholic to the star

Becky is baaaack!! After a long hiatus since Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella give us not only one, but two sequel books of the famous Shopaholic series: Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue. And as usual, the books are hilariously fun!!

In the first book, Becky take us to Hollywood where he and Luke (and cutest Minnie!!) have just moved in. Being so close with the celebrity world, Becky of course wanted to take a sip and be on the spotlight. However, things are getting out of control as she was dragged into this celebrity drama.

And not only that, there’s a bigger issue with her family too. Yes, if in the previous books the family problem is usually come from Luke’s side, now it’s from Becky’s side. Her father, lovable Mr. Bloomwood, apparently have some interesting past that he’s trying to hide until today. And he’s gone to Vegas to have it fixed.

And so in the second book we will follow Becky and the gang to look for her father to get the truth and to help him fulfill his mission. Together they tackle down a billionaire in order to give justice to one of Mr. Bloomwood’s friend. Sound so serious, but Sophie managed to elaborate it in a fun and full of surprise way!

PS: Alicia Bitch-Long-Legged is back as well. Beware!! 😀




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