in 2013 i experienced so very many life changing experiences, yet in 2013 i wrote so little posts in this blog. and this is because….. mm, maybe i’m too busy and don’t have any time to write (i’m a mother now, so “busy” is my middle name now, hehe). or maybe i was having too many mood swings so that i just don’t want to write.

anyway, let’s see what lesson did i learn last year:

  • i learn that prenatal yoga is very effective to heal my back pain and foot cramps during my pregnancy
  • i learn that during labour, focused on your breath, and not your pain, will help you to cope with the pain.
  • i learn that breastfeeding hurts, especially during the first one or two months. but hang on there, mothers. everything will get better and better. i promise 🙂
  • i learn that we should not wait too long to see the lactation counselor. i’m glad i made a right decision about this matter. hail the counselor that teach me how to breastfeed in lying down position (thus, i can sleep more and better).
  • i learn to live in jakarta. oh my, what not to learn about jakarta? people show some of the worst trait here. and they’re doing it casually!! for info, i’m still frustating every morning seeing how crazy (if not stupid) people are in driving their vehicles. more posts to come about this,,
  • i learn that retail therapy is very effective to improve my mood (muahaha, women!!)
  • i learn (more) that people just love to talk about other people behind their back.
  • i learn to minimize my expectation on everything because the fact is that nobody’s perfect
  • i learn that having bigger house needs more more time to clean it!! (oh how i miss my old-small apartment if it’s related with housekeeping)
  • i learn that we CAN live without air conditioner in Jakarta. we prove it in our house (no air con. we use 4 fans instead)
  • i learn that my mom and dad are a great parents in their own way. they took care of me and my sister very well so that we can be what we are right now. of course we’re sometimes argue, but as i’m getting older, i understand better their arguments and i try to listen more. my mom is now staying with us in jakarta to take care of b2. and b2 loves granma so much 🙂

with granma

  • i learn that it needs a massive amount of patience to be a mother.
  • i learn that it’s not cool to judge a mother who decided not to breastfeed her baby.
  • i learn that love needs to be maintained and nurtured. we can not just give up and let it go. and lucky for me, my husband never give up on me. ever 🙂
  • i learn that i love b2 so so so much.


well, so long 2013. alhamdulillah for every single day.

let’s face 2014 with a big smile and happy soul (^o^)

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