meet suma,,


suma was born in Nepal and she is the only girl of four children to illiterate parents in Nepal’s Bardiya District. at age six she was sent to work in another family’s home. after six years endure labor and abuse in three different homes, suma finally returned home at the age of 12.

despite her late start and difficult childhood, suma was determined to get an education. in 2008, suma was accepted in the Room to Read Girls’ Education program and joined seventh grade at the age of 16. now 19, suma is on track to graduate from secondary school in the spring of 2014 and has set her sights on a career as a health educator so that she can help empower more girls in her community.

and guess what? tomorrow she will performed at the Women in the World 2012 Summit in New York City to sing a song she wrote about her struggle. how cool is that?!

to know more about her story, you can go here. i am so proud of her when i read that she decided to stand up for her life and refused to be discriminated by her own family. you go girl!

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