bonjour, happiness!

i bought this book two weeks ago when i accompanied my husband to the bookstore (we go to the bookstore often. it’s like our second frequent place for dating, after the airport, of course). he planned to buy some books because apparently he’s in the need to find an inspiration to write.

so there i was, standing in a book store full of imported books with their colorful and tempting covers, trying to resist the desire to buy any new book because i know that i still have some books untouched back in my apartment (and one of them is Inheritance with its 528 pages, phew!). but then i said to myself, well it’s not like everyday i went to the bookstore, so i would behave like a good girl and would only buy one book this time. yes, only one.

after some thinking, my choice goes to this book with very sweet soft pink cover: bonjour, happiness! by jamie cat callan. i bought this book because i will go to France at the end of January, so i was thinking to, you know, build up the mood of French life before i arrived there :p

it’s a self help book, told in a light and sweet way. more like a letter from one woman to another, containing good advice to find the happiness in life. and i would like to share you some of my favourite excerpts from this book;

one day, marcelaine told me that if i want to learn French, the first thing i need to learn is to shrug. it’s a very powerful little gesture. you purse your lips, perhaps puff them out slightly, then you raise your shoulders, turn your head. oh, and if you really want to go all the way, you can roll your eyes and look heavenward, as if to say only God really knows and you might add, “c’est comme ca!

this has been a very powerful little lesson for me. i’m the type of gal who often apologizes for no reason at all. i will often say “i’m sorry” to people as kind of prophylactic measure, just to cover all my bases and in case i did do something wrong in the past, the present, or even if i’m about to do something bad in the next 15 minutes. please don’t think i’m completely weird. i know other women who have this habit of apologizing for no reason.

now i’m not suggesting that we stop apologizing when there’s really something to apologize for, but i am suggesting that it might be a good idea to simply let a few things slide. after all, you are not responsible for the health and well-being of the entire world! learn to say ce’st la vie! learn the power of shrug!

a small confession, i AM one of those women who have this habit of apologizing, or let’s just say excessive self-criticism to be precised. everytime something bad happened (or i think it’s happened), i tend to blame myself. i did not say verbally the “i’m sorry” thing much, but i say it inside my brain and i will put myself under pressure. even when most of the time  everything finally end up fine and nothing’s bad is actually happened!  so yes, i need to sometimes let some things slide and not to exaggerate small stuff. and maybe doing it with a little gesture like shrugging might help. 

thanks jamie!

thank you to give us some advice on how to love our beautiful, fragile, imperfect selves 🙂


4 thoughts on “bonjour, happiness!

  1. Dear, Eka–what a sweet post! Thank you so much for reading my book and for all the nice things you have to say. I hope your trip to France is wonderful! I’m so happy to have “met” you, Eka! Love, Jamie

    1. Thanks Jamie 🙂
      I’m still amazed that my review get commented by the author, super cool!!
      My husband say hi for you too,,

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