charlie chaplin jump,,

i first saw this kind of jump in the movie Ocean’s 12 when the Night Fox do it on a stair after succesfully dance his way through the laser beams (in order to steal the Faberge egg) and i obsessed with the jump ever since!

it looks so very easy, yet i failed everytime i tried to do it and so i forgot about the jump.

but then i saw it again, performed by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and this time i decided that i need to learn to do the jump. no, wait, not only that, i will make it as my 2012 resolution! 😀

it’s a perfect resolution indeed. it’s about learning a new skill and there is something joyful about the jump. the jump represent success, triumph and happiness!

i’ve looked for some tutorial video in you tube on how to do the jump, but so far haven’t had the time to try it on. but if any of you can do the jump and want to tell me the tips and trick to do it, i will be more than happy to learn 🙂


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