value yourself!

went to balikpapan yesterday and saw this beauty at the car pool.
this car was belong to my former head division. he moved to France last July and is now working there.

i adore him since the time i met him on my job interview. he is a great person, profesionally and personally. he is smart, tactical and strategical. he is kind, religious and generous. and what impressed me most is that he trust young people to do big things, big innovation in his organization.

as newbie, we made mistakes, of course, sometimes even a very stupid mistake, but he never scold at us. instead, he guided us to found our own mistakes, fix it and ensure that we would not do the same mistake again. he’s a great motivator and i learned a lot from him.

i remember that my first year in the company is maybe the worst year of my professional career. i was yelled at, being scolded during the management meeting, getting complained by almost everybody because apparently the job i need to handle to was already in a deep sh*t situation even before i joined the company. and one of the best thing ever happened to me during that time was when i received a formal thank you letter from the company for my contribution and the first thing i notice was my head division’s hand writing saying, “thank you for your great work! i know i can count on you!”, and, believe it or not, it meant a LOT for me!! that thank you note from my head division was my motivator to continue the hard work to improve the situation. i know that he maybe wrote those notes to everybody, but i didn’t care. it was like a mantra for me, and it worked!

time goes by and now i’m entering my fifth year in the company. the past four years i experienced up and down situation, just like roller coaster. sometimes i manage to do everything perfectly and people would smile and congratulate me happily, but sometimes i mess up and people just put that long face when they meet me.

but life is like that, right?

life is indeed like a roller coaster!

up and down.

and people will always comment.

and i understand now that the only way to hold on is by believe in yourself. value yourself!

sure, other people’s appraisal is important because it’s the prove that our achievements has been acknowledged by others, but the most important appraisal shall come from within, from ourselves,,

as one day you will look back and see that you’ve built some legacy, and you are sure that you will achieve more tomorrow!

it’s december, already. time to look back and set the future, don’t you think?


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