no quitter!


Patisserie Coin de Rue

Natsume: “Why do you quit?”

Tomura: “Because I’ve lost the reason to continue,,”


Watched this movie on my way back to Balikpapan. The plane was landing before  the movie ended, so I don’t know how the story will end. But I guess that Tomura will finally find another reason to continue pursuing his passion in patisserie world and, more important, he will have another reason to live his life, happily 🙂

So for anyone of you who feels that you’ve lost the reason to continue your life, your passion, or your happiness, just stand up and keep walking. Just keep walking until you found that another reason. Keep walking eventhough the road seems unwalkable or even everybody else shouted at you and called you a quitter.

Just keep walking until you’re ready to run, or even fly!!


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