it’s time to donate, mate !

this morning i received an email from greenpeace, informing that the rainbow warrior will soon to be retired. rainbow warrior is the ship used by greenpeace activists to  do their job defending this earth. quoting from anita, this ship has been rammed, boarded, impounded and shot at and it’s kind a sad to hear that we will not be able to work with her again 😦

but, hey, don’t worry! greenpeace is currently building a new ship!

a new rainbow warrior!

and it will be in green colour!! yay !!

however, as we all know, building a ship is not an easy job and a lot of cash need to be provided, so we want to ask you to contribute in this super cool project by making a donation. you can simply click the link on the picture of new rainbow warrior below to go to greenpeace website and then find the link to donate from the website.

besides donating for the new rainbow warrior, we can also make a donation for other projects happening in all around the world. again simply click the cute globe below to know more about the projects and how you can donate.

and if it’s still not enough, greenpeace even give a simpler way to donate, especially for all twitter user (you, yes you! i’m talking to you mister or miss. we know that you have a twitter account, so don’t try to escape :p ).

just click the link below to donate a tweet a day. how easy is that? 🙂

happy donating ^^

ps: all pictures are courtesy of greenpeace


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